casa6The majority of the money we raises go to provide financial assistance to the abused, abandoned and neglected children in our program. So far this summer, Friends of Children has provided our children with the opportunity to attend recreational camps with football, basketball and gymnastics activities. We are also providing swim lessons for some children. One young adult in care, with some financial support from Friends, is going on his first out-of-state vacation.  In May, Friends also had the opportunity to provide 113 tickets to our children, guardians and families to attend a Manatee’s Baseball game.

As a non-profit, we support request for items from the advocates of these children. At their request, we can provide clothing, beds, bikes, school supplies, holiday gifts, and opportunities.  With so many children being sheltered with relatives, beds have taken the forefront of requests that we have received. May and June brought nine requests for beds and mattresses. One request included an emergency replacement bed for a foster home. This guardian’s request recognized the need for urgency over bureaucratic process.

We can provide needed items that the state has not provided for these children. A legally blind avid reader in residential care is now able to enjoy audio books and music with a new IPod thanks to his Guardian’s request.

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