Think she needs a SuperHero?

She actually needs a Guardian ad Litem… and the GAL will become her SuperHero. Sometimes only a SuperHero can make that new day and new life even seem possible. We have lots of children who need that SuperHero. We have lots of capes, too.

So many children are being removed from their homes, because there has been neglect and abuse in their young lives. The scars are often invisible and the wounds are often deep.  Is there SuperHero Training?

If you are concerned for the well being of children and a have continuing commitment to advocate for a child until a safe and permanent home is obtained — you already have the training to be an effective Guardian ad Litem.

If you are objective and non judgmental and are able to interact with people of various educational, economic and ethnic backgrounds — you will be an effective Guardian ad Litem.

But, there is some official training, too. A Guardian ad Litem must successfully complete 30 hours of certification training and 6 hours annually of re certification training, and spend an average of 10 hours per month working on the case (as with any average, some cases will involve more time, and some less time).

Still have more questions?

Attend one of our regular meet-and-greet to sit down and chat with real Guardian ad Litems who can really answer your questions because they are the ones they do it. Check out the events calendar for the next opportunity. Or you can also contact us.