Santa on slideThanks to the fund raising efforts of Volunteer GAL Brenda Rarick. Autistic two children are enjoying a swing set that will last them a lifetime time. Brenda has been advocating for these children for two years. Both were non-verbal when she began he advocacy. Thanks to Brenda and two I-Pads they now have the ability to communicate. Brenda researched and identified there need for regular exercise for improved motor skills and muscle retention. After raising funds for the I-Pads and related software, Brenda decided to raise the $2000.00 for the pictured swing set and climbing wall. Brenda worked with Melbourne’s PlayLofts on the design and installation. Brenda was also determined that the purchase and installation would be completed before Christmas. Brenda, Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishment! As a Volunteer GAL, you are truly a Superhero for children!

Santa on swing