Come on Sunday,Oct 15, to help sort toys

We had a generous donation of items that have been picked up, but the items need to be sorted… and it only makes sense to do that sorting BEFORE we put them in the storage unit.

What we have:
One box contains the bags, one box contains the coloring books, one box contains the stickers,  books, etc. etc.

What we need to do:
So the stuff has to be sorted into individuals bags to be given out.  On top of that, each bag of items needs to be sorted as to age group.  There’s stuff for different age groups.

When:  Sunday: October 15   1:00 pm

Where: We will meet at at a GAL’s house where the items currently are, get things sorted, and then get them over to the storage unit.

Location to be provided to those that sign up.

Sort toys and delivery to storage unit

Event Chair: Kathy Spratt