Volunteers Needed

This is going to be great fun. And there’s not that many slots open for volunteers. Make sure you read the description of each opportunity…

Gates/Entrances: Will be required all day and will have at least 2 individuals at all times. This will bebroken up into 2 shifts. 11:30 to 2:15PM & 2:15PM to 5PM. A very important task that requires akeen eye and attention to detail. Due to the nature of our venue we will have multiple points of entry& exit. Our goal is to keep all individuals enjoying the brew fest within the designated areas. Additionally, we will need to keep any eye out for anyone enjoying a beer without the appropriate paraphernalia (badge and wristband)

Check in: This station with be run with 4 individuals initially but nearing the end of the event will be reduced to 2. This shift will begin at 11AM to 3PM and will require 4 individuals during that time. From 3PM to 5PM 2 individuals will maintain this station. As you might imagine, this will require a strong team effort that will entail checking ID’s for age and Identification, handing out sample cups, wrist banding all guests, and handling any minor issues that may arise.

Ice & Water Duty: While the weather will be nice it is still Florida. Our breweries will require ice to keep all their beers cold. We’ll maintain a steady stream of ice flowing (no pun intended) to all vendors and well as the VIP room. Fairly straight forward but requires the anticipation of need rather than reacting to warm beer. Addition we will have water available for purchase and at the vendor tables for rinsing. The water station will require 2 people and the ice runners will work in tandem.

Pouring Samples: For some, not everyone, we will be pouring samples to patrons. Anyone who does will be paired with at least one other individual who has had experience with festivals before. This shift will be split into 2, starting from 11:45 to 2:30 & 2:30 to 5PM.


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